What I Ate Wednesday {8.27.14}

So lately I have been taking pictures of the foods that I have been eating.  Some of it healthy and some, um, well, not so much. Hey, I'm a food whore, what can I say.

I love to cook and try new things out. I have always been that way. My mom use to tell me and others, "I would love to have 10 children just like Tanisha." I was not her picky eater, well except for onions. I hate onions. To be honest, I'm allergic to them, badly.

So here are some pix of the "crap" that I fill myself with. Oh and these are not all back to back.  It's from the past three weeks, or the beginning of August.  Something like that.  So here goes...
I  love fruit with waffles, or just by its self.  Not only is it healthy but fruit is, well, healthy and of course good.

Nothing says delicious for breakfast, then some rice cakes, bananas, almond butter and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Yogurt with some fiber cereal is great as well. You can have the cereal with some milk or add the yogurt to the cereal and have it that way. I love adding the yogurt to the cereal, especially when I'm in a hurry and on the go. I can put the cereal in a zip lock baggie or in a sealed container, and mix the two when I'm ready to eat.

For a nice snack I like to have some popcorn.  I have so many recipes for flavors to use with popcorn {video coming soon on that}.  Here I have some Tazo Iced Passion.  This drink is so so good. It's the perfect dupe to Starbucks Passion Brewed Tea. Who knows it might actually be the same thing, but I got it for way less.  A box of Tazo has six bags, and each bag can fill a three quart container. All for I wanna say $4. Give or take a few bucks. Either way that is a heck of a lot cheaper, because just one at Starbucks is about $6.  As for the popcorn this is just almond butter popcorn with some walnuts in it.

One of my favorite sauces to make is teriyaki sauce. So I made some teriyaki beef strips with some rice and mixed steamed veggies. Uh can we say, delishious?!

Tonight {8.26.14} I wanted something simple and yet filling. So made some tuna croquettes and a pasta salad.

Baked parmesan crusted talapia, mashed sweet potatoes, hush puppies and it would be complete without some okra.

Rice with tofu

Turkey burger with sweet potatoes

Shrimp, okra, hush puppies and fresh tartar sauce

Biscuits and gravy with some bacon

Grilled chicken and potatoes with some curry sauce on it and corn

Turkey spam with eggs and toast

Potatoes with an egg on top

Sheppard's Pie made with sweet potatoes and turkey meat.

If you like anything and would like to see a video on how I made it, them just drop me a comment and let me know and I will get that done.

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{diy} Coasters With Gift Bag

I found this Wizard of Oz and Yellow Brick Road fabric a while back and totally forgot about. As I was looking through my stash, I seen it.  Wasn't really sure what to do with it or why I even bought it in the first place.   So I decided to make some cute little coasters with it and a bag to store them in.  The brown used was some scraps that I had.

Items used in this project
  • Three fabrics of your choice
  • Iron
  • Stabilizer/ Interfacing 
  • Scissors/ Rotary Blade
  • Sewing Machine (unless you prefer it by hand)
  • Something to use as a template
To see how to make these cute little coasters, just watch the video

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30 Day Abs Challenge

Here is the 30 abs challenge that I will be starting on Sunday, August 24, 2014.  I got it off of Facebook, and  I am really excited to start this. I really love doing these types of workout challenges.

Who's going to be joining me?

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The Blogmopolitan Quiz - 1

So yesterday while I was eating my supper, and reading through some blogs, as I often do. I came across a website with this "Blogmopolitan" on it.  I don't remember the site because it took me to a few other sites before I found the one with the link to download it.  The original source though is from the blog Two Thirds Hazel

You know when your reading a Cosmo Mag and it has celebrity questionairs in them? Well yeah, here ya go.  I thought it was really fun to do. She's done three of them and I believe this was the third one but either way, I will eventually get the others done.  Just don't want to do them back to back.

I hope you enjoy this and if you feel like doing it then check here to down load your copy. Once you download it, go to PicMonkey, edit the pic and use the text/font provided to fill in your answers. You can also use paint as well if on a PC. I'm sure there are other programs but I just used PicMonkey for mine.

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{review} Jamberry Nails

Oh hey there. Yeah, yeah, I know. This post was to be up a while ago. Well I think I was anyway.  I have so much going on, it's hard to keep up with it all.  Well anyway...

I was on face book a few weeks back and seen that Bekah was giving away some samples for Jambery Nails.  Those that know me, know that I love samples.  I love to try out new products and if I can get them for free, well that's even better.  Hey, I'm just being honest.

One thing that is a plus with me is how easy they are to apply.  I am definitely not a nail person.  I love for them to look nice, however, they never end up nice.  My left hand looks like I came out of a salon and my right hand looks as though, a blind, monkey did it with its feet.  Yup, so just let that sink in for a minute.

The nail art sticky thingies are really super cute and stylish. My favorite one out the ones given was the black and clear looking one.  I haven't used it just yet, but next time I go out and get all dolled up, then that will be my go to.

I love how easy they are to apply.  Oops, my bad, already said that didn't I?  Well at least now you know.  I wore these for over a week and they didn't even lift.

Here is one that I applied as an accent nail.  I really loved the outcome of them. These have lasted quite a while and I was very surprised.  I'm very hard on my hands with laundry, washing dishes, my cats, and work.  
I know these look a bit off but that's just how my crazy nails are shaped.  I didn't trim, or file my nails properly before applying.  Oops, oh well.  I'll remember next time. Either way, my nail still looks nice. 
 If you are interested in getting some then you can contact Bekah with the info provided on her card or you can check her out on facebook.

So overall, I would definitely recommend them.  Even though you can buy these at your local drug store. Well not these to be exact, but they do have something similar.  I've tried those and they didn't last but three days, four max.  I was ok with that because to me it's just decorated tape.  The Jamberry Nails are much better though because they actually last longer with my crazy lifestyle.

The downside of them, is they say you can use them on your toes as well.  Well it's really hard to get them on properly.  I'm not sure if I'm just unable to do it or if I'm just a little too fluffy to bend correctly to apply them. Oh well, as long as my hands are cute, then that's all that matters.

{DISCLAIMER: The product(s) mentioned was sent at no cost to me.  I was not asked to do this review and everything stated is strictly my thoughts and opinions.  If I do not like a product, I will state it. If I do, then clearly I will.}  

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VloGust Day 2

So I decided to go ahead and attempt to do "VLOGust".  For those that do not know, it's when you vlog everyday for the entire month of August.  I can't promise anything but will definitely try.  As you may notice that this is day two. I did do a day one but some things happened that was very personal and I ended up filming it and then decided that was too much to share, so by the time I edited the video there really wasn't anything there.

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