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Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Review

I tried their Gentle cleanser in the trial set and now I got myself a full size one! I wanted to try something that is mild and gentle on my skin. I heard so many people raved about this in YouTube and other reviews online. A little introduction, Cetaphil Gentle…

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Try On | Scarves from Heart Hijab

As-salaam alaikum and peace and blessings to all that sees this.  I hope you are doing well in shaa Allah and having a wonderful Ramadan masha’Allah. So as requested, here are the scarves that I got from Heart Hijab. I was asked to show what they looked like on and…


Tips For Surviving Ramadan

Ramadan can be a daunting experience for any Muslim: young, old or new convert! When I first learned about the way that Muslims fast in Ramadan, I said “You do WHAT?!” I simply couldn’t believe that it was possible to refrain from food and drink for the entire day, and…

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MAC Hautecore Lipstick Review

So this is a pretty old product but thought I’d share some insight on it anyway. This lipstick is MAC Hautecore Lipstick ($15), and it launched for Black Friday on a few years ago on the MAC Cosmetics website. So if black lipstick is for you then this might be for you….

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HearHijab.com Review

So a few months back I had purchased some hijabs from Heart Hijab. I will say this, this is the worst company EVER! I will never EVER do business with them again. I have a friend that placed her order before I did and she still hasn’t gotten her items….


Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser

I have to say that his stuff is amazing. I didn’t want to go out and get a large size because I didn’t want to wait my money if I didn’t like it. So I ended up getting a sample size 0.5 fl. oz. I got it back in January…