MAC Hautecore Lipstick Review

So this is a pretty old product but thought I’d share some insight on it anyway. This lipstick is MAC Hautecore Lipstick ($15), and it launched for Black Friday on a few years ago on the 

MAC Cosmetics

 website. So if black lipstick is for you then this might be for you.

MAC Hautecore Lipstick is what MAC calls a true matte black. I dunno if you remember  MAC Grey Friday Lipstick but it turned into a wearable shade that was very versatile. 

MAC Hautecore Lipstick isn’t as easy to wear for myself. I think I look like  living a dead girl with it on. It’s a darker black but it has cooler undertones to it with a creamy texture that isn’t dry or less than smooth on lips (even my drier lips which are chapped at the moment it took well!). It isn’t quite fully opaque as a single application and I could still see patches of my lip’s natural pigmentation so a few layers need to be applied for the best intensity and opacity. It does migrate and feather a bit…mind you I tested it while I was sitting behind my desk for a few hours and it seemed to like creeping over my upper lip line during that time.