CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara


 "A revolutionary new mascara, provides 200% more volume, and clump-free separated lashes even after 30 coats!"


 I absolutely hated how dry, thick, and messy this formula felt on my lashes! It was so thick that it made my lashes spike together at the tips, giving me a weird spidery look. The formula is so dry, that when I applied multiple coats it flaked, everywhere. It made my lashes feel heavy and crunchy,  it was just dreadful. There was a bit of clumping, but only at the end of my lashes. 

Wand Type:

 The wand is just like the original lash blast but slightly curved. I really liked how the curve was a gradual curve, and not an extreme C shape curve. The small rubber bristles deposit too much product, and are too short to comb through the lashes. This is why I dislike the Lash Blast line, all of the bristles are so short that they don't separate the lashes properly.


 I paid $8.00 at CVS 


This mascara didn't do much for me. The lashes look very spiky and unnatural. I prefer separation and length, which Clump Crusher just doesn't have (my lashes are naturally that long). If you look closely at the tips of my lashes, you can see that there are clumps. Normally the outer corner of my lashes don't droop down as they are in the picture. This happened due to the thickness and heaviness of the formula. Clump Crusher doesn't live up to any of its claims! 


  • The packaging is different, I haven't seen a green mascara tube at the drugstore

  • The gradual curve on the brush fits many eye shapes


  • The formula is way too dry and thick

  • It made my lashes spike together at the tips

  • Doesn't separate the lashes

  • The small rubber bristles deposit too much product and can't comb through lashes

  • There was clumping at the tips of my lashes


This mascara isn't for me. I'm a fan of Covergirl products in general but this mascara just didn't do it for me. I was just hoping that the curved brush would offer something different. The small rubber bristles aren't good enough for separating through the lashes. Also, the short rubber bristles cause the mascara to settle in the wand a lot faster, and I find myself constantly wiping off excess product. Mascara shouldn't make your lashes look crunchy or heavy, and that's why I really hated Covergirl's Clump Crusher.