Taking Measurements

I wanted to share my before pictures. In a few days I will take some more when my remote for my camera comes in. These are the best I could do without stripping down to my skippys. My son was nice enough to take the photos. So as I stated, once the remote comes, I'll take better pictures to share.

I use to be embarrassed on how I looked. I've always worried bout what others thought of me. Not anymore! I refuse to allow someone to get the upper hand on my life. I'm not trying to drop the pounds because of fear of what others might think. I'm doing this for ME! I have been through so much and I have lost so much and now it's time get rid of the rest and reach my happy, healthy goal.

When you decide to take that plunge and change your lifestyle, you have to first take some before pictures and your measurements. You want to be able to keep track of your progress. Though you may feel better, comparing pictures will show the true progression of your success. I knew I was over weight but never really paid attention to how much overweight I was. Once I see myself in pictures or on video, it allows me to see my true self.

These are my before pictures. It's the start of a journey that will forever change my life. They were taken today, Monday, 16 February 2015. I can't believe how preggers I look. Oh well, that will soon change. With hard work and all the love and support that I've been receiving, it's just amazing.

So about measurements. When you take your measurements, you have to take each one separately. In other words your left arm isn't going to be the same size as your right and the same goes for you legs as well.

Here is a diagram of my measurements.

I charted all my measurements on the "Before" and afterwards when I reach my goal, I'll fill in the "After". As you can see I have a ways to go, but no worries, I'll get there.

When taking your measurements, make sure that you do not pull on the tape when you wrap it around yourself. You want it firm, not tight nor loose. You want the end to rest nicely on the numbers for it to be accurate. Another way to take accurate measurements is to do it without clothes on if you can. You don't want the layer of clothing to interfere with your numbers. It is possible that you could get a false reading on the tape measure.

Well I hope this helps you when taking your measurements for your new lifestyle journey. If you have any questions then please leave them in the comments or hit that contact tab at the top of the page and I'll be sure to get back to you.