I tried their Gentle cleanser in the trial set and now I got myself a full size one! I wanted to try something that is mild and gentle on my skin. I heard so many people raved about this in YouTube and other reviews online. A little introduction, Cetaphil Gentle

As-salaam alaikum and peace and blessings to all that sees this.  I hope you are doing well in shaa Allah and having a wonderful Ramadan masha'Allah. Heart Hijab . I was asked to show what they looked like on and so here they are. Let me apologize in advance for the way some

Ramadan can be a daunting experience for any Muslim: young, old or new convert! When I first learned about the way that Muslims fast in Ramadan, I said “You do WHAT?!” I simply couldn’t believe that it was possible to refrain from food and drink for the entire day, and

MAC Cosmetics  website. So if black lipstick is for you then this might be for you. MAC Hautecore Lipstick is what MAC calls a true matte black. I dunno if you remember  MAC Grey Friday Lipstick but it turned into a wearable shade that was very versatile.