I got this product #ZzzQuil for testing purposes from influenster. I’ve had to deal with insomnia most of my adult life and it became worse around the time I was diagnosed with Lupus. With all the meds that I was/am taking, plus with my body being in constant pain I found it hard to stay asleep. I’ve not been able to take prescription sleep aids because of drug interactions but also because I don’t like the idea that I could become dependent on them. I was honestly scared that I would go to sleep but never wake up. Hey, I’m just keeping it real here.

I was really surprised how well this worked. My thing is though, make sure that you take it at a reasonable time to work with what time you need to be up. If you take it late and then have to wake up early you might feel a bit groggy.

I think the price of is pretty reasonable too. At


 a box is $5.99 for a 12 count.

– Thank goodness for ZzzQuil, which is a non-habit-forming sleep aid that I can take when I need to a good nights sleep. It truly can be a lifesaver

– ZzzQuil is NOT for pain. It’s just for assisting for sleeping. Only take ZzzQuil when you can devote a full 7-8 hours to sleep.

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